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About Us

Mahgoon store located in Delavaran (one of the largest furniture markets in Iran) is proud to be ready to serve you, dear customers, with more than 25 years of brilliant experience in the field of production and sale of furniture.

Products Quality

One of the most important things to consider when buying furniture is the quality of construction and raw materials.
A factor that you may not see but is very influential throughout the life of your product and experience.
In this collection, we are proud to prepare and supply our products from the best available materials.

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متریال به کار رفته در محصولات ماهگون

Skilled Masters

Another point that is very important is that the production is done by the master to prevent possible mistakes and the product is produced in the best possible way.

Today, Mahgoon is proud to have more than 60 skilled workers in the field of furniture production.


Most of the products offered in Mahgoon store include 2 years warranty and 10 years after-sales service and their quality is guaranteed.

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Why Mahgoon?

Our goal is to bring quality and innovation to you, dear customers, according to the methods of the world.
Our advertising is customer satisfaction, which is one of the most valuable verbal advertising.